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Black Desert

I want a computer that can handle this Korean MMO someday...(and Maplestory for a full day). It looks amazing!

Black Desert



Finally caught up to my Bishop on Windia.

Wind Archer

So, I didn't make 140 on SaiBlossom like I had hoped so I worked on the Cygnus Knight, SaiNite.

I need to be more creative with character names...


Go away, Temptation!

I want to try and reach Level 140 on SaiBlossom by the end of the day, but I finally checked my email and saw this:




I haven't been taking any amazing screenshots during gameplay but I'm pretty happy with the way the Bishop is coming along. It's a familiar class but the changes are really nice. It wasn't until I got 4th Job last week when I fully remembered what it was like being a Cleric. I recall the days of spamming Genesis in Leafre to grind on Saireii. That was pretty painful in the sense that it was tough on the mesos to fund all the Ginseng potions I used back then. Genesis can no longer be spammed, but Big Bang is pretty awesome now that it can be cast immediately after Genesis without charging up. I'm excited to level up and see what the deal is with all these Hyper Skills I keep reading about. I guess they unlock at specific levels past 140.

So that's the goal as of now: Pass Level 140 and don't get sidetracked.

I do have my next character in mind but I'm trying to push that idea to the side until I'm ready to give SaiBlossom a break.

Evolution Lab has been great but I don't know how much longer I'll be able to train there. I love how it so customizable down to selecting what mob drops you get and mob spawn rate. I love it lots.

Gear-wise, I haven't been paying too much attention to what I should have. As long as my M.Att goes up, I'll upgrade. I did get Michael's Glasses from Xerxes on Saturday only because I don't know what other Eye Accessory is attainable at the moment. Lots of research to do but it's a bit frustrating because some information on my once-favorite Maplestory site is obsolete.


Buddy Chat


crazy chat cropped


I guess questing in Sakura Castle the other day has gotten me in the Japanese spirit.

Nexon, why can I not resist?!?!


Before and After

Couldn't stand the big bow much longer.

Tot-ally Not Cool

The drawbacks of being a questaholic... Sometimes you don't think before doing a quest. Wanting to do all Tot's Know How quests, I of course changed SaiBlossom's hair with the free Hair Coupon and now I can't get back my old Ellinia hair.

Lesson Learned: Just train. Forget quests for a while.



So I broke down and now I have a pet. I think I got this puffram from a quest or a Know-How tutorial. Anyhow, I did get the meso magnet and item pouch so I won't drive myself crazy trying to loot stuff.

Update: My puffram expired. Now, I'm using the Dino Girl until its time is up as well.